At Villa Uitzicht everything comes together
Prevention, Re-integration and Maintenance

At Villa Uitzicht everything comes together
Prevention, Re-integration and Maintenance

At Villa Uitzicht everything comes together
Prevention, Re-integration and Maintenance

At Villa Uitzicht everything comes together: Prevention, Re-integration and Maintenance. Our team consists of a network of health care professionals. We liaise with many of them in our areas of expertise on a regular basis to connect body, head and heart. This inspires and maintains the high quality levels of our services. When employees have questions that are beyond our area of expertise, we can refer them to a specialist from within our professional network.

Pieter MolenaarPieter Molenaar

Specialisation: Cognitive behavioural therapy, EMDR, Positive psychology

“Together we look for possibilities you already posses to balance the rational with feelings. From there you can again make healthy choices.”

Sacha van BoxtelSacha van Boxtel

Specialisation: Psychotherapy, EMDR

“The challenge is to identify limiting beliefs and thought patterns and to help change them. The central focus in this is the connection between head, heart and body.”

Bob SpeelmanBob Speelman

“It is my passion to work with my colleagues on valuable services, with personal attention”

Else WolkeElse Wolke

“Getting satisfaction from work and life requires reflection, focusing and adjusting. Sometimes adjustment is difficult; your foundation falters and you experience stress. That can stand in the way of your effectiveness, development and relaxation. I would like to support you in rediscovering your solid foundation, so that you can grow, experience space again to make choices and enjoy life and work.”

Frederick KerckhoffFrederick Kerckhoff

Specialisation: CGT, ACT, EMDR.

It is my passion to help people strengthen or regain their resilience in dealing with complaints. My focus is on issues of meaning, work-related challenges, personal growth and insight.

Judith HogewegJudith Hogeweg

Specialisation: Cognitive behavioural therapy, EMDR, Mindfulness

“Everyone already has the solutions to their own problems. Sometimes they just need a hand finding them.”

Katarina Temme PidcockKatarina Temme Pidcock

Specialisation: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), psychomotor coaching and solution focused therapy.

From the balance between head, heart and body you can go back to inner movement, firmness and meaning to feel. My guidance is experience-oriented and is characterized by safety, depth and compassion.

Carina VeldkampCarina Veldkamp

Specialisation: Cognitieve Gedragstherapie, EMDR

‘Je moet niet alles geloven wat je denkt’.
‘I like to investigate, together with the client, which thinking and behavioral patterns are at play and where there are opportunities for change for the client. I try to look as holistically as possible and start from the collaboration and connection between head, heart and body.’

Annelies van MelleAnnelies van Melle

Specialisation: Cognitive behavioural therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, EMDR.

Anyone can get stuck in their life. Together we investigate what is needed to regain balance. How to handle difficult situations differently. Or how you can learn to let go of what cannot be changed. I use cognitive behavioural therapy, supplemented if necessary with elements from schema therapy, solution-focused therapy, ACT and/or EMDR.

Nico NooijNico Nooij

Specialisation: Psychotherapy, EMDR

“I work with my clients to solve issues. Sometimes by teaching them new habits or by reducing the influence of certain negative thought patterns. With consideration for the connection between body and mind.”

Ilse KroonbergIlse Kroonberg

Specialisation: Relaxation, insights and healing when you’re stuck in your body, mind or life

“Touch brings people out of their mind into their body. I enjoy helping people connect with their inner self.”

Ingrid CornelisseIngrid Cornelisse

Specialisation: Cognitive behavioural therapy, EMDR

“In our consulations the focus is on acceptance and making room for inner experiences. This makes it easier to process difficult experiences and you create the sense of freedom to focus on what matters most to you.”

Wouter van EwijkWouter van Ewijk

“As a coach, I use my many years of expertise as a psychiatrist and as a director and supervisor of large and small healthcare organizations. I focus my attention on learning to handle conscious and unconscious personal emotions in managing complex organizations. I make analyzes of organizations and provide an action plan. I am also a mediator and I am committed to resolving administrative conflicts.”

Dr.Christine Brouwer-Dudok de WitChristine Brouwer-Dudok de Wit

“Sometimes too much happens and you (threaten) to drop out. Is the body not cooperating? Are there tensions in your relationship? At work? is there a loss? Are they ghosts from the past? I think the beauty of our profession is that we can watch, puzzle and investigate what is what and how you can regain your confidence in yourself, relationship, work etc and slowly but surely feel enough energy to be able to work with pleasure again. In short, I have a broad view with a clear goal to regain confidence and pleasure, so that work can be fun again.”

Ymke ThansYmke Thans

Specialisation: Cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma treatment, breaking patterns, stress and burnout prevention and treatment

“Anyone can become unbalanced. The body sends stress signals and one might experience signs of anxiety, sadness or insecurity. Fixed thought patterns and mental stress can get in the way of experiencing joy. Psychological consultation, sometimes complimented with body focused coaching and mindfulness, help to recover your balance. A tailored treatment is important, guided by your personal needs and wishes.”

Olav SwaanOlav Swaan

“During the course of our lives we have a lot to choose from and it is not always easy to deal with all the obstacles and obstacles. Yet as human beings we have enormous flexibility and resilience within us. I am happy to help you rediscover those (physical) resources so that you can better deal with the challenges in your life, so that you can then focus on what is really important to you, so that you have a perspective again. “Listen to your body whispering so it doesn’t have to scream.”

Erna KLoeseErna Kloese

“By talking about what is not said, a connection is created (again) with yourself and between people. This will get you moving again. As a Counselor I guide adults and teams who are unable to resolve themselves. In a safe environment in which we treat each other equally, I listen without judgment. The goal is that you get moving again when you get stuck and change can take place when you are ready. By combining creativity, playfulness and depth, a tailor-made trajectory is created every time.”

Mark BerendsSophie Northolt

Specialisation: resilience & wellbeing, stress & burnout prevention and treatment, advice for wellbeing, creativity and sustainable working in organizations

“Do what gives you energy. Together with you I will look for ways to learn to deal with stress better and to increase your resilience in order to get closer to yourself and to live and work from your own strength and qualities. In collaboration with organizations, I develop tailor-made programs to strengthen the resilience and wellbeing of teams and organizations and to prevent failure due to stress.”

Anja KwaksAnja Kwaks

“In the guidance I reflect on behavior and personality, knowledgeable and involved. Supportive, sometimes confrontational, always respectful from various professional and life experiences. Intended to give you other, helpful, insights and practical handles. Experiencing the possibility that you can steer your resilience and possibilities for recovery. In addition to working intensively, there is room for a wink and self-relativity.”

Nicole RuttenNicole Rutte

“In my position as a front office employee, I am the first point of contact. I act as a sounding board for questions and needs, and offer a listening ear to ensure that the team and the people I speak to feel heard and understood.”

Melanie BroekhofMelanie Broekhof

Specialisation: CGT, ACT en EMDR

“I look at the person behind the “client”. My way of working is characterized by a holistic, practical and collaborative approach.”

Anne RooversAnne Roovers

“I believe in the resilience of people and in the possibility of change, based on awareness of one’s own thoughts, feelings and actions. I am committed, professional and experienced. My approach revolves around unconditional acceptance, genuine interest and creating movement. With my background as a psychologist and my extensive experience, I am able to choose an approach that best suits the person. I use my feelings, ability to put things into perspective, personal experience and humor to help someone look at themselves in peace and safety. Even if necessary, I will not avoid confrontation.”

Maaike de RondeMaaike de Ronde

Specialisation:Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Commitment and Acceptance Therapy (ACT), EMDR.

“In therapy I want to explore with you how you can deal with setbacks and psychological complaints in a helpful way, not only for now but also for moments in the future. In addition, pay attention to what is valuable to you in life and how you can shape this again or more.”

Chantal RuijterChantal Ruijter

“I find it valuable to explore with people the different sides of someone. Which side is being ignored and deserves more attention? Which side drowns out the rest and can we take a step back? And which side can be used more consciously in specific situations? Together we investigate what it takes to slow down or get moving.”

 Norman BronsNorman Brons

“Together we will look at your symptoms. How can you deal with situations differently so that you enjoy yourself more, have more energy and become happier? What is needed to release obstacles in this regard? What could you be more committed to and what do you need to achieve the desired change? I would be happy to help you with this.”

Samya YasineySamya Yasiney

“As a professional in the field of psychotherapy and trauma treatment, I embrace a wide range of specialties including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET), and Body-Oriented Psychotherapy (BEPP). My approach is focused on unleashing the resilience of individuals. I strongly believe in the power of a holistic approach, integrating the mind, heart, and body connection in my treatments. At Villa Uitzicht, we provide compassionate and expert psychotherapy and trauma treatment to help you unlock your inner strength and find healing.”

Charlotte RuloCharlotte Rulo

“That there are periods when things are not going well is normal for everyone and sometimes help is needed. My role as a supervisor in such a process is to provide overview, trust and involvement. This will increase the self-healing capacity, allowing people to reconnect with the powerful side of themselves. With the right attention and adjustments the way to growth will be found. With time, we will experience that the current challenges contribute to achieving the greater goal.”

Barbara VermeulenBarbara Vermeulen

“With an inexhaustible and sincere interest in people, I am fascinated by people and everything about them: their environment, movements, feelings and behavior. I am convinced that we all have our own qualities and that we have become who we are today for a reason. I would like to explore together what people already have at home. What they would like to learn and how they can use it in a way that suits them so that it contributes to sustainable recovery and much more.”

Lia van der MaasLia van der Maas

“As a specialist in body awareness, Tension Releasing Exercises and inner peace, I work with people on balance through feeling and movement. My approach is based on rest and being present to what is going on. I confront respectfully, based on experiences that people gain during the exercises. It all starts with becoming aware of body sensations, feelings, behavior and thoughts in the experience. Meaning is then assigned and tools are developed for an acceptable balance, within which people can and may wobble.”

Celestine EngelCélestine Engel

“I am a generalist psychiatrist with over 20 years of experience in adult psychiatry. My approach is comprehensive and holistic. I consider a person’s background, current social situation, strengths, and challenges, and analyze what is currently at play and how the symptoms can be addressed. Additionally, I work in an acute admission clinic in Haarlem, where I encounter diverse patients and varied conditions. This combination of experiences enables me to maintain an open and broad perspective in my interactions with patients and clients at Villa Uitzicht.”

Ilse KnipscheerIlse Knipscheer

Specialisation: CGT, ACT and EMDR

“I have a pragmatic, empathetic and solution-oriented approach. In addition to my interest in the interaction between work, health and the individual, as an aviation psychologist I have knowledge of this dynamic (work) environment. I think it is important to have good communication with and between all parties, with the main goal being that the employee receives the support and help he or she deserves.”

Sacha van BoxtelRosa van Es

Specialisation: LinkedIn

“Within Villa Uitzicht I help the company and the team to tighten the social channels. I am the link for online communication and I monitor the corporate identity. This goes together with setting up and implementing the structure and agenda for the online marketing activities.”

Floortje van LeeuwenFloortje van Leeuwen

“The work as a psychomotor therapist suits me very well because I like to work with the body. My starting point is therefore body-oriented work and connecting head, heart and body. During the treatment, contact and the search for human strength are central.”

Melissa BrandtMelissa Brandt

“I’m the fastest typist in the world.”

Louise HoogerwoordLouise Hoogerwoord

Annelies MosterdAnnelies Mosterd

Specialisation: Microsoft Office

Erik StassenErik Stassen

Egbert KochEgbert Koch

Specialisation: Cognitive behavioural therapy

We also work with:

Marion Scholten – psychiatrist; Dick Oppenheim – psychiatrist; Egbert Koch – clinical psychologist (BIG); Evelien van Lith – Mediator & psychotherapist; Inge Nix – mindfulness, coaching; MV Trainingen – Marc Vermaat;

gezonde boel

“The health care professionals at Villa Uitzicht are of course knowledgeable and experienced, but what ads value for the company physician, is their ability to work closely with the employee, whilst respecting their privacy. With them, re-integration becomes team work.”

Gerard van Bunschoten

Company physician, KLM Health Services

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How can I work with more awareness? How can I maintain my energy levels? How can I maximise my productivity?

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About the villa

How can I work with more awareness? How can I maintain my energy levels? How can I maximise my productivity?

Villa Uitzicht B.V.

Zijlweg 199
2015 CK Haarlem

KvK 27324478
BTW NL819810393B01

Help and advice

Always contactable
  • 023 – 751 0341
Daily from 9:30 – 12:30

About the villa

How can I work with more awareness? How can I maintain my energy levels? How can I maximise my productivity?

Villa Uitzicht B.V.

Zijlweg 199
2015 CK Haarlem

KvK 27324478
BTW NL819810393B01

Help and advice

Always contactable
  • 023 - 751 0341
Daily from 9:30 – 12:30